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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge




Career Water carbon block filter cartridge constructed by a carbon impregnated cellulose media. External surface cover by reinforcement backing and netting that offer additional strength and dirt-loading capacity.

Nominal 5 Micron Carbon Block cartridge is designed for dual purpose, which filter out more than 5 Micron fine sediment particles as well as reduce unwanted taste, odor, chlorine from drinking water.

Career Water CTO provides filter media by Bituminous Coal and Coconuts shell or Coconuts shell with Silver impregnated. In below Specification, models express Coconuts shell with Bituminous carbon, if Sliver impregnated CTO is request, please contact our people directly.



Product Features:

l        High quality Carbon selected

l        Effective eliminate Bad Taste & Odor and Chlorine Taste & Odor absorption

l        Provides 5 Micron Sediment Filtration

l        High chemical absorptive capability

l        High Dirt-Holding Capacity,

l        Economically priced,


Filter Media: Impregnated Cellulose,

End Caps: Polypropylene,

Netting: Polypropylene,

Core: Polyproplylene,

Gasket: Silica GEL,

Cartridge Specification:

Carbon Block Filter Cartridge is available in a wide array of size and micron ratings to fulfill all of your filtration needs.



 Based on manufacturer’s internal testing  

 We can customs many specification Carbon Block Cartridge depending on your request.


CTO10 (10” Carbon Block Cartridge) capacity is 2,500 Gallon.

CTO10 Flow rate 1 Gallon per Minute



Operation Ratings:

Temperature rating: 5ºC – 63ºC

     CTO-2cm.jpg          CTO20-2cm.jpg         CTO20B-2cm.jpg

      CTO10                          CTO20                         CTO20B


 Packing & Shipping Information

Career Water CTO filter cartridge packed by international standard shipping carton.



Carefully handle CTO case and avoid any huge impact outside.